Waterproof Binoculars

Water Droplets On Person's Palm

Waterproof binoculars are suitable for any outdoor viewing activities. From hunting and fishing to hiking and boating, all of these activities can be influenced by wet weather conditions. Check out these tips to help you in selecting a waterproof binocular that is right for your outdoor activity.

1) Nitrogen filled construction

Nitrogen gas is an dry inert gas which does not fall prey to condensation buildup inside the binocular lens. Make sure your waterproof binoculars use nitrogen gas inside the objective lens chamber as well as the eyepiece.

2) Eyepiece design

Many waterproof binoculars user should consider a goggle eyepiece design. With a goggle design, there is no gap between your eye and the eyepiece, thus preventing water or fog from getting into the eyepiece and reducing your visibility.

3) Multi layer coating

The use of multi layer coatings make the lenses more resistant to water droplets forming on the outside of the lenses. These coatings also improve the brightness level of the binoculars.

4) Rugged water resistant casing

The casing of the binoculars need to be made of a water resistant material with proper sealing at the interface between the casing and the lens. Also, the material should be able to resist damage from being bumped or dropped.

5) Porro prisms

Porro prisms let more light into the binoculars, which is especially useful in poor weather conditions. Marine binoculars often use this type of prism lens. Porro prism lenses are larger and heavier than roof prisms, so you may need to evaluate this if you have a goal of a lightweight binocular set.

6) Attached lens covers

Unpredictable weather conditions can introduce sudden rain showers. If you are taken by surprise by such conditions, use your attached lens covers to provide quick protection for your binocular lenses.

7) Bak-4 versus BK-7 lens glass

While not unique to waterproof binoculars, the higher quality the lens glass, the sharper the image under any weather or lighting conditions. BK-7 is the standard grade lens glass used in many waterproof binoculars. If you want to pay a premium, Bak-4 lens glass will deliver a sharper image than BK-7.

These tips should help you in selecting the best waterproof binoculars for your needs.

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