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What Are Telescopes?


Telescopes act as windows to the universe. It is with the help of telescopes that we can study the solar system and view the conjunctions of stars. Not just that, the various planets, galaxies, satellites and asteroids that we get to see only in the books and magazines are made more familiar to us via […]

Useful Accessories For An Amateur Astronomer


You’ve got a telescope and a choice of eyepieces, so what extras can make your watching hours more pleasant as well as effective? Listed here is a number of several very helpful add-ons in order to take your star gazing to the next step. You’ve devoted around 30 minutes getting your eyesight modified to the […]

Telescope Buyer’s Guide


This guide is from our experience with telescope customers and hope it is simple and helpful in helping you choose a telescope! Towards that end, the first and in some ways only rule of telescopes is: Aperture is King! Aperture is the diameter of the main lens or mirror of the telescope. The bigger it […]