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Accessories For Your Binoculars – Eyecups

Binoculars Eyecups

The majority of binoculars that are made today are more user-friendly for those who wear eyeglasses. Eye relief and the way the binocular eyecups are made should be a major consideration to those who wear eyeglasses. This is because wearing eyeglasses causes the eyes to be further away from the eyepiece. Another critical feature to […]

Binocular Eyecups

Binoculars Eyecups

What is the purpose of Binocular Eyecups and what do they mean to you? There are only two reasons manufacturers provide Eyecups for binoculars. One is provide “shade/cover” between the focal lens of the binoculars eyepiece and the eye and two, to provide a “stand-off” from the eye to the focal lens or eyepiece of […]