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Birding Binoculars


Birding binoculars are the most important piece of equipment in the birder toolbox. A well selected pair of binoculars will give years of service and bird watching pleasure. Here are seven tips that the avid birder can use to select the binoculars that are right for them. 1) Get the instant focus option When observing […]

Understanding Binoculars


Understanding binoculars is crucial before considering buying one. The prospective buyer is faced with a myriad of options and will be left more confused if not familiar with the technical aspects of binoculars. The purpose of this article is to familiarize the novice with the technical aspects of binoculars. The physical features of binoculars which […]

Binocular Eyecups

Binoculars Eyecups

What is the purpose of Binocular Eyecups and what do they mean to you? There are only two reasons manufacturers provide Eyecups for binoculars. One is provide “shade/cover” between the focal lens of the binoculars eyepiece and the eye and two, to provide a “stand-off” from the eye to the focal lens or eyepiece of […]

Binocular Selection Guide


If asked, most people would turn down help when selecting a pair of binoculars. Most likely, their predominant selection criteria are based upon either magnification or the price. After all that is all there is to it, right? Well, No. You will need to balance your personal expectations of the quality of the view, the […]

What To Consider When Buying A Spotting Scope?

Spotting Scope

Spotting Scope Terminology: Straight Straight Eyepiece Design The straight eyepiece position works well when viewing downward from an elevated platform, such as a deck, patio, hillside, anytime you’re above the subject be viewed. Many novice users also favor the more natural line of sight afforded by the straight eyepiece – especially when trying to follow […]

Wide Angle Binoculars – Quality Over Quantity


An important aspect of choosing the right pair of binoculars is maximizing its field of view. The field of view is a measurement of the width of the surroundings that is visible through your binoculars, often given as the number of feet that will be visible from a thousand yards. This is calculated by multiplying […]

Ocular Lenses


An ocular lens – ocular, as we all know, refers to the eye – is a lens that has many uses in a range of optical instruments and devices, like microscopes and telescopes. It is also called an eyepiece because that is the lens closest to the human eye when a person looks through a […]

Calculating The True Field Of View Of A Telescope Eyepiece


One of the things that originally puzzled me when I first bought my telescope was the business of apparent field of view and true (or actual) field of view. When you look through your telescope, the area of the sky you can see is known as the true (or actual) field of view. The field […]

Choosing Your Telescope Eyepieces


When beginning astronomers start looking at telescopes, one of the least understood aspects of these optical instruments are simple telescope eyepieces. While lenses and mirrors and designs are easy to grasp, the actual eyepiece itself can be somewhat confusing. However, they are vital parts of the telescope, as they provide the final creation and magnification […]

New Telescope Eyepieces Will Improve Even the Finest Telescopes


Now that you have bought or perhaps have been given a new telescope, you’re thinking about making it even better. One the first things new telescope owners usually replace are the telescope eyepieces. Many people, especially beginners, have a tendency to want to overdo it when it comes to upgrading their telescope eyepieces. You might […]