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What is a Spotting Scope and Where Do I Get One?


A spotting scope is in simple terms, a portable telescope. It is used primarily for observing wildlife, especially birds. Spotting scopes have a magnification usually on the order of 20X to 60X. Other features found on most models include a touch exterior usually rubber and built for long lasting touch usage. There will always be […]

What To Consider When Buying A Spotting Scope?

Spotting Scope

Spotting Scope Terminology: Straight Straight Eyepiece Design The straight eyepiece position works well when viewing downward from an elevated platform, such as a deck, patio, hillside, anytime you’re above the subject be viewed. Many novice users also favor the more natural line of sight afforded by the straight eyepiece – especially when trying to follow […]

Using Spotting Scopes For Digiscoping


Digiscoping is the process in which one can take photos with a digital camera with the help of a spotting scope. Both video and still photographies are possible through digiscoping. With the coming of the digital cameras, there have been major changes in the quality of the photos and thus, various alternatives are available to […]

Ocular Lenses


An ocular lens – ocular, as we all know, refers to the eye – is a lens that has many uses in a range of optical instruments and devices, like microscopes and telescopes. It is also called an eyepiece because that is the lens closest to the human eye when a person looks through a […]

A Guide On Choosing A Best Spotting Scope

Spotting Scope

No matter what animal you are hunting, a spotting scope is a good tool to have. It’s much easier to use than lugging around a pair of binoculars. Hunters need optical enhancement to perform this sport to the best of their ability. You can use a spotting scope for bird watching, tracking, and for similar […]