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Birding Binoculars


Birding binoculars are the most important piece of equipment in the birder toolbox. A well selected pair of binoculars will give years of service and bird watching pleasure. Here are seven tips that the avid birder can use to select the binoculars that are right for them. 1) Get the instant focus option When observing […]

What is a Spotting Scope and Where Do I Get One?


A spotting scope is in simple terms, a portable telescope. It is used primarily for observing wildlife, especially birds. Spotting scopes have a magnification usually on the order of 20X to 60X. Other features found on most models include a touch exterior usually rubber and built for long lasting touch usage. There will always be […]

Binocular Selection Guide


If asked, most people would turn down help when selecting a pair of binoculars. Most likely, their predominant selection criteria are based upon either magnification or the price. After all that is all there is to it, right? Well, No. You will need to balance your personal expectations of the quality of the view, the […]

Tips To Adjust Your Binoculars


Whether you are a birdwatcher or an avid trekker, a good set of binoculars is a must in your travel gear. The important thing to remember is that binoculars cannot be used just the way they are. You need to adjust your binoculars for proper focusing and viewing. All the fun and excitement of being […]

Wide Angle Binoculars – Quality Over Quantity


An important aspect of choosing the right pair of binoculars is maximizing its field of view. The field of view is a measurement of the width of the surroundings that is visible through your binoculars, often given as the number of feet that will be visible from a thousand yards. This is calculated by multiplying […]

A Guide On Choosing A Best Spotting Scope

Spotting Scope

No matter what animal you are hunting, a spotting scope is a good tool to have. It’s much easier to use than lugging around a pair of binoculars. Hunters need optical enhancement to perform this sport to the best of their ability. You can use a spotting scope for bird watching, tracking, and for similar […]

How To Focus Your Binoculars?


Can you focus your binoculars? Most people can’t! Don’t despair. There is help close by. There are two common focusing systems used in binoculars, Individual Eyepiece Focus and Center Focus. First: Individual Eyepiece Focus. This is simple to understand, and easy to do. This is the way to focus sealed optical tubes. It is usually the focusing […]